Our Directors

Director of Community Service

sp14Laurie Wisniewski communityservice@sandpipers.org

This year marks my 6th year as a Sandpiper and I am honored to be serving on the Board as the Director of Community Service. Over the past six years I have come to honor and respect all that Sandpipers has to offer not only the community but each other. I love to witness first-hand the love and dedication these like-minded women have for the cause and for each other. They rally around those in need and always look to help as you grow in the organization.

This year will be a wonderful year because I get to arrange and manage all of the community service opportunities our Sandpipers’ will complete! I will oversee Summer Arts, Community Outreach and Sugar Plum! I have a wonderful group of ladies leading these committees so I think my job will be easy this year and I am looking forward to all the exciting events this year has to offer!

As a stay at home mom of 4-year-old triplets, Sandpipers continues to be an escape for me to give back to the community and to have some much needed “Me time.” Cheers to a wonderful 2016-2017! Can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Director of Public Relations

sp1Gina Callari publicity@sandpipers.org

Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, I was fortunate to be exposed to everything wonderful about my community including the opportunity to be a part of many philanthropic events during my school years. It was those early years that instilled in me the values of charitable giving. As time passed, life happened and my time became less available. Once I had my two boys, I was reminded of the importance of giving back and wanted to extol the virtues of charity…both to them and again to myself.

Since joining Sandpipers in 2014, I served on the committee for Auction and as a Co-Chair for the Holiday Homes Tour. It is truly an honor to be serving my first year on the Board as Director of Public Relations. I am excited to be working with such an amazing group of women and to showcase our 85 years of dedication and service to the South Bay.

Director of Operations

sp2Cori Iverson operations@sandpipers.org

I am looking forward to beginning my fourth year in Sandpipers as a new board member and the Director of Operations. Since joining in 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to participate on such committees as Sugarplum and Event Programs and serve as Sugarplum Co-Chair and Assistant to Philanthropy VP – Admin. I have loved working on the Philanthropy side of things; planning and being a part of events like the Sugarplum Tree, Back to School Shopping and Holiday Baskets. However, I am excited to get to know the operational end of Sandpipers and learn more about the Board of Directors. I feel lucky to have found this group of women and I am continuously impressed by what we give back to the community and the efficiency of the organization. It’s refreshing to be a part of such a strong and dynamic group of women who are committed to dedicating their time to helping others and making an impact on the community. Outside of Sandpipers, you can usually find me spending time with my husband and daughter, enjoying the outdoors and traveling!

Director of Data Management

Kristen Yoffe

I wanted to be more involved and give back to the local community, and to meet some of the female leaders of the South Bay. In 2009, I was introduced to Sandpipers and this organization was the perfect fit.

Over the past eight years, I have held numerous chair and board positions within Philanthropy and Fundraising committees. More recently I have been a part of an Implementation Team which will be launching a software system to our members this year. It is an honor to be a part of Sandpipers, and on the 2016-17 board, as the Director of Data Management.

Director of Fall Events

sp12Tasha Gates fallevents@sandpipers.org

I’ve lived in the South Bay for over 20 years. I joined Sandpipers in hopes of finding a greater sense of purpose by helping the less fortunate. Not only has Sandpipers helped me find that purpose, it also introduced me to so many extraordinary and amazing people I am proud to call friends.

This year I am serving as Director of Fall Events. Many will say, that I am married to the Holiday Home Tour and there is (a lot) of truth to that. It all started my Provisional year when I was assigned to be a committee member for the HHT. The following year I was a Facilitator and last year I Co-Chaired the tour. This will be the 24th year of the Sandpiper Holiday Home Tour – it truly is a fixture of the South Bay. I am excited to be involved in the Tour on a different level this year and also to be a part of the Board of Directors. It is going to be a great year!

Director of Spring Events

sp9Jacqueline Barton Pomahac springevents@sandpipers.org

I am thrilled to begin my sixth year as a Sandpiper and to join so many fabulous women on the Board. Originally from Chicago, I have lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and call Manhattan Beach my home.

Sandpipers has provided me with a deeper connection to the South Bay community and the philanthropic opportunity to help those in need. It has also been a wonderful social outlet and the source of many lasting friendships.

I am looking forward to my position this year as the Director of Spring Events, overseeing the 25th Annual Fashion Show in Beverly Hills, our largest Sandpipers fundraiser. Last year, I was the Co-Chair of the Fashion Show committee after serving many years as a committee member. I have also played a part in the Event Programs, For Our Children and Holiday Homes Tour Café committees.

Excited for a wonderful 85th year ahead!