Non-Voting Advisory Board

Junior Past President / Nomination Leadership Development

sp6Jennifer Buchsbaum

It was and honor and privilege to serve as the Sandpipers’ 84th President last year. Since joining this incredible organization back in 2007 I have held a variety of positions such as Auction Chair, Operations Vice-President, Secretary, Marketing & Sponsorships Vice-President and Membership Vice-President. Outside of Sandpipers my husband and I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, two dogs, and a cat. I am a small business owner, serve on various advisory committees for the City of Hermosa Beach and volunteer in my daughter’s class at Hermosa View Elementary. I love being active in my community but Sandpipers holds a special place in my heart as I was a beneficiary of Sandpipers’ largest philanthropy, the Scholarship Program upon graduating from South High School in Torrance. I have much to thank for Sandpipers believing in me and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to pay it forward.

Senior Past President/ Scholarship

sp5Laura Lull

It is an honor to serve as Senior Past President of Sandpipers this year. I look forward to working with both the leadership and the members this year to fulfill the NLD Committee’s mission to slate a fantastic board of directors for 2016-17. Sandpipers’ values mirror my own and I am deeply passionate about all of the wonderful things we do and the way in which we all take on leadership roles to make things happen within our organization. My past positions in Sandpipers include Ads and Programs Co-Chair, Summer Arts Co-Chair, Operations Database Chair, NLD Committee Member, Director of Community Service, Finance VP, Philanthropy VP, Planning & Placement VP, President Elect, President and Junior Past President. It’s going to be a wonderful year!


Steering Committee Chair

sp3Leslie Moody

I have lived in the South Bay since 1992 and love the community that surrounds me. While we live in an affluent area, there are still many people in need who could use a hand up during difficult times. A hand up, not a handout, is exactly the service that Sandpipers provides.

I joined Sandpipers in 2008 after learning about the organization from my mother-in-law, Donna Moody, a Sandpiper Associate. Through her everyday actions and interactions, she demonstrates what it means to be generous of heart and philanthropic of mind. Like her, I can strive to do the same, and this organization has provided me the perfect opportunity to volunteer in our community while meeting some amazing, like-minded women.

This is my ninth year as a Sandpiper, and I am honored to serve as the Steering Committee Chair for the Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund.


Sandpipers of the Year

Jan Curtis

The award of “Sandpiper of the Year” is the highest honor we bestow on one of our Associate members in recognition of her contributions to Sandpipers above and beyond her active years of membership. Our award winner is Jan Curtis.

We salute Jan for her ongoing commitment to Sandpipers and are pleased to honor her as our “Sandpiper of the Year!”