Sandpiper Juniors

Sandpiper Juniors was founded in 1961 as a mother-daughter affiliation with Sandpipers.  Membership in the original organization was extended to daughters of Sandpipers in high school who wanted to participate in community service.  Sandpiper Juniors membership now includes any South Bay high school girl who attends an information meeting and submits an application for consideration in a membership lottery.  Daughters and Granddaughters of Sandpipers are considered “legacies” and have first priority in the selection process.

Sandpiper Juniors has grown in number and strength with 102 current active members.  The organization’s Bylaws govern their association with Sandpipers. Support is provided by a parent advisory board and Sandpipers Liaison Advisors who keep Sandpipers’ Board apprised of the group’s activities. Sandpiper Juniors are committed to philanthropy, outreach and community service projects.

Community service projects support agencies such as Richstone Family Center, PROJECTtouch, Harbor Regional Center, Maryvale Orphanage and several community homeless meals programs.  Sandpiper Juniors have three major fundraisers each year:  Hometown Fair Booths, a Garage Sale and the annual Spring Fashion Show.  This past year’s events raised over $16,000.  Due to thrifty operating spending, the girls were able to allocate $22,000 back to the community, of which $10,000 was allocated to the Sandpiper Juniors Scholarship Fund.  Sandpiper Juniors has now reached a fully funded fund of $25,000.

The Sandpiper Juniors are very excited about the 2015-2016 year and are looking forward to their philanthropic and community service projects.  Remember your Daughters and Granddaughters entering high school may apply the SPRING before high school.

For more information, please contact

Grettel Fournell, Dayna Bubenicek & Dominique Webster
Sandpiper Juniors Liaison Advisors