Congrats 2015-16 Nominees for Board & NLD!

Congrats 2015-16 Nominees for Board & NLD!

Congratulations to Sandpipers’ 2015-2016 Slate of Nominees for the Board of Directors and the NLD Committee!

Sandpipers – one of  Manhattan Beach’s  oldest women’s volunteer philanthropic organization – is proud to announce its nominees for the 2015 – 2016 Board of Directors and NDL.

See the complete list of all the Board of Director and NDL nominees:

President: Jennifer Buchsbaum
President Elect: Lee-Meredith Howard
Philanthropy VP: Natalie Radtke
Membership VP: Camille Soriano
Finance VP: Heather Walsh
Secretary/Pres. Assistant: Stephanie Cusack
Marketing & Sponsorships VP: Kristina Durkin
Fundraising VP: Rachel Bosma
Planning & Placement VP: Dana Lupton
Director of Spring Events: Tiffany Quick
Director of Publicity: JoAnn Totzke
Director of Operations: Laurie Wisniewski
Director of Fall Events: Alexandra Duda
Director of Community Service: Jeanne Bray
Director of Grants & Giving: Allison Addante
Director of Data Management: Teri Eve
Director of Special Projects: Kristen Yoffe

Sandpipers 2015-2016 Slate of Nominees for the NLD Committee
NLD Committee Chair: Laura Lull
NLD Committee: Nikki Binford Marshall, Heather Interian, Heather Koopman, Kianna Modir, Stephanie Uchima-Carney

2015-2016 Board and NLD Nominees
(Back Row: Camille Soriano, Dana Lupton, Stephanie Cusack, Natalie Radtke, Lee-Meredith Howard, Laura Lull, Rachel Bosma, Nikki Marshall, Heather Walsh Front Row: Kristina Durkin, Tiffany Quick, Allison Addante, Laurie Wisniewski, Jennifer Buchsbaum, Alexandra Duda, Jo-Ann Totzke, Heather Koopman, Kianna Modir. Not Pictured: Jeanne Bray, Teri Eve, Heather Interian, Stephanie Uchima-Carney, Kristen Yoffe)