Congrats to the new Sandpipers Leadership & Class of 2015!

Congrats to the new Sandpipers Leadership & Class of 2015!

Sandpipers applauds those who have stepped forward to lead us into our 84th year!  Your enthusiasm for your positions and new ideas are much appreciated.  At our recent Installation Meeting, we  welcomed our newest Board of Directors, NLD Committee and Chairs for 2015-2016, and congratulated the Class of 2014 for completing their Provisional year.

Sandpipers – one of  the South Bay’s  oldest women’s volunteer philanthropic organization – is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 Board of Directors, NLD Committee, Chairs and Class of 2014.

2015 – 2016 Board of Directors

President: Jennifer Buchsbaum
President Elect: Lee-Meredith Howard
Philanthropy VP: Natalie Radtke
Membership VP: Camille Soriano
Finance VP: Heather Walsh
Secretary/Pres. Assistant: Stephanie Cusack
Marketing & Sponsorships VP: Kristina Durkin
Fundraising VP: Rachel Bosma
Planning & Placement VP: Dana Lupton
Director of Spring Events: Tiffany Quick
Director of Publicity: JoAnn Totzke
Director of Operations: Laurie Wisniewski
Director of Fall Events: Alexandra Duda
Director of Community Service: Jeanne Bray
Director of Grants & Giving: Allison Addante
Director of Data Management: Teri Eve
Director of Special Projects: Kristen Yoffe

2015 – 2016 NLD Committee

NLD Committee Chair: Laura Lull
NLD Committee: Nikki Binford Marshall, Heather Interian, Heather Koopman, Kianna Modir, Stephanie Uchima-Carney

2015-2016 Committee Chairs at June Installation
2015-2016 Committee Chairs at June Installation

2015 – 2016 Chairs


Asst to Phil – Admin – Cori Iverson
Asst to Phil – Baskets – Mitsue Yokota
Asst to Phil – Co. Donations – Libby Slane
Community Outreach Co-Chair – Molly Canales
Community Outreach Co-Chair – Grace Jung
Sugar Plum Co-Chair: Mall #1 – Laura Stout
Sugar Plum Co-Chair: Corporate #2 – Gigi Verduzco
Sugar Plum Co-Chair: DCFS #3 – Terri Boyle
Summer Arts Co-Chair – Meredith Roberts
Summer Arts Co-Chair – Lisa Meade


Asst to Finance VP – Cash/Checks – Bria Riehl
Asst to Finance VP – Credit – Courtney Zifkin
HHT Tickets Sales Chair – Drisa Carrizo
Fundraising Financial Co-Chair – Laura Brodeur
Fundraising Financial Co-Chair – Elizabeth Magana


Asst. to Grants and Giving – Robyn Lucas
Auction: Solicitation #1 – Liz Bird
Auction: Event Prep #2 – Jenny Stewart
Auction: Event Data Mgmt. #3 – Anne Tittle
Database Administrator – Jenn Spooner
Fashion Show Co-Chair: Events – Rachel Goad
Fashion Show Co-Chair: Tickets – Jackie Barton-Pomahac
Fundraising Boutique – Deb Salvaggio
Fundraising Boutique – Dominique Webster
HHT Café Co-Chair – Stacey Marcus
HHT Café Co-Chair – Sarah Winfrey
HHT Co-Chair – Gina Callari
HHT Co-Chair – Tasha Gates
HHT Décor Chair – Arryn Waterman
HHT Facilitator – Sonya Emerson
HHT Facilitator – Betty Wilber
HHT Facilitator – Debbie Keown
HHT Facilitator – Hilary Shelden
HHT Facilitator – Micall Weinberg
HHT Facilitator – Katie Carney
HHT Staffing Chair – Debbie Presson


Asst to Membership VP – Aly Cohen
Circulation Chair – Patti Anglin
Founders’/Meetings Chair – Brooke Zipperman
Historian – Rachel Kuppinger
Membership Directory – Monika Whiteley
Merchandise Chair – Janet Wyse
Social Chair – Sheila Hedlund
The Piper Editor – Stephanie Ming Lucey


Asst to Director of Publicity – Andrea Garecht
Asst to Marketing & Sponsorships VP – Kristine Suh
Event Programs Co-Chair – Emily Burritt
Event Programs Co-Chair – Lisa Quarello
Special Events Chair – Joyce Chaput
Transportation Chair – Cat Castaneda
Webmaster – Bridget Samuelson


Sandpiper Juniors Co – Advisors – Grettel Fournell & Dayna Bubenicek

Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 successfully completed their Provisional year. Congratulations!

Class of 2014 at June Installation
Class of 2014 at June Installation

Sara Aquilino, Elizabeth Bird, Gina Callari, Kathy Clarke, Susie Collins, Casey Cumiskey, Margie Daley, Andrea Garecht, Rachel Goad, Cambria Guernsey, Sunshine Hannigan, Sara Hatch, Denise Marie Jerome, Candace Johnson, Debbie Keown, Ashley Krumbach, Roseanney Liu, Robyn Lucas, Stephanie Lucey, Elizabeth Magana, Kelly Magill, Stacey Marcus, Susan Mashayekhi, Tamara McDonald, Olga Milobedzki, Margaret Otto, Eileen Park Peed, Lisa Quarello, Bria Riehl, Jennifer Rosenberg, Devesa Sarria, Jessica Sharron, Hilary Shelden, Libby Slane, Jenny Stewart, Laura Stout, Kristine Suh, Anne Tittle, Gigi Verduzco, Monika Whiteley, Sarah Winfrey, Mitsue Yokota and Courtney Zifkin