Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Chairs!

Sandpipers applauds those who have stepped forward to lead us into our 85th year!  Your enthusiasm for your positions and new ideas are much appreciated.

Asst to Finance VP – Cash/Checks Bria Riehl
Asst to Finance VP – Credit Elizabeth Magana
Asst to Finance VP – Endowment & FOS Robyn Lucas
Fundraising Financial Co-Chair 1 Laura Brodeur
Fundraising Financial Co-Chair 2 Sharmila Garg
HHT Ticket Sales Chair Drisa Carizzo
Auction Co-Chair 3 Ann Tittle
Auction Co-Chair 2 Jennifer Stewart
Auction Co-Chair 1 Kathy Clarke
Asst to Director of Database Management Mitsue Yokota
Fashion Show Co-Chair 1 (Committee Mgmt) Traci Radcliffe
Fashion Show Co-Chair 2 (Tickets) Sarah Steinmeier
Fundraising Boutique Co-Chair 1 Jill Christianne
Fundraising Boutique Co-Chair 2 Molly Komick
HHT Co-Chair 1 (logistics) Catherine Castaneda
HHT Co-Chair 2 (Facilitators) Ashley Goldsmith
HHT Café Co-Chair 1 Angela Dax
HHT Café Co-Chair 2 Jessica Baker
HHT Decorations, Rentals & Entertainment Chair Liz Bird
HHT Facilitator 1 Olga Milobedzki
HHT Facilitator 2 Nicole Alm
HHT Facilitator 3 Ashley Reynolds
HHT Facilitator 4 Jennifer Meter
HHT Facilitator 5 Laurie Gulley
HHT Facilitator 6 Micall Weinberg
HHT Staffing Chair Melissa Roe
HHT Transportation Chair Susan Mashayeki
Asst to Membership VP Nikki Marshall
Circulation Chair Kat Zimmerman
Founders’ Day/Meetings Chair Jenna Dunbar
Social Chair Jenny DeWall
Membership Directory Editor Meredith Roberts
The Piper Editor Rachel Bosma
Sandpipers’ Merchandise Chair Janet Wyse
Event Programs Co-Chair 1 Lisa Quarello
Event Programs Co-Chair 2 Courtney Moss
Historian Rachel Kuppinger
Webmaster Nancy Tovar Huxen
Asst to Philanthropy VP – Administration JoAnn Totzke
Asst to Philanthropy VP – Baskets Sarah Winfrey
Asst to Philanthropy VP – Company Donations Stephanie Lucey
Assistant to Philanthropy VP – Development Bridget Samuelson
Community Outreach Co-Chair 1 Molly Canales
Community Outreach Co-Chair 2 Taylor Rayfield
Sugarplum Co-Chair 1 (Donations) Gigi Verduzco
Sugarplum Co-Chair 2 (Mall) Carissa Wright
Sugarplum Co-Chair 3 (DCFS) Lesley Krakosky
Summer Arts Program Co-Chair 1 Kristine Suh
Summer Arts Program Co-Chair 2 Jennifer Forrester
Special Events Chair Jane Riehl
Sandpiper Juniors Co-Chair 1 Grettel Fournell
Sandpiper Juniors Co-Chair 2 Dayna Bubenicek
Sandpiper Juniors Co-Chair 3 (Development) Dominique Webster