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Sandpipers – a Hermosa Beach based Philanthropic organization – is celebrating 87 years of philanthropic outreach to those most in need in our community. Over the years, Sandpipers has touched the lives of thousands of individuals, children and families in the South Bay area through our philanthropic programs.  As our programs continue to increase in size, the number of people we support and dollars we distribute are truly staggering.

Please Support Our South Bay Charity Programs – Manhattan Beach

There are many ways you can donate to Sandpipers.  You can choose to contribute to one of our programs such as Holiday Baskets, Sugarplum, Back to School Shopping, or you can donate to the Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund.  Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund is an endowment fund where the money given is invested.  The investment account builds over time with continued contributions and interest.  Once it reaches its target amount, a yearly distribution of 4% will be made to the general fund into perpetuity (forevermore). Whichever way you decide to support us, rest assured your money is going towards helping someone in need within our own South Bay community and is greatly appreciated!

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Sandpipers Federal Tax ID #47-4366111

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