Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund 15th Anniversary Pledge Drive

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund, Sandpipers is askingSandpipers of all generations to be a part of the long-term success of the Fund by making a pledge of support during our 15thAnniversary Pledge Drive.

The SSBC fund has become an important resource for Sandpipers by paying out a yearly percentage of its total.  Donations to the fund are invested so that grants may be made from the fund’s annual investment income. The endowment has reached its goal amount and the fund now pays out a yearly 4% of its total.

The additional funding allows Sandpipers to grow its key programs such as Holiday Baskets, Back to School Shopping, and, most notably, the Sandpipers Scholarship program which distributed $275,000 this past year to 41 well-deserving college students.

Pledging does not require a large up-front donation; you can set the terms of your support.

Your contribution will create a lasting legacy of support, as every dollar remains intact, with interest used to support our programs. We welcome and deeply appreciate your help in keeping our Fund and key programs growing and strong!

Please contact Allison Addante, Director of Grants & Giving, at to make your pledge.

Download the pledge form here: Sandpipers Pledge Form.