Sugarplum Tree

Sugarplum grants holiday wishes to approximately 1,500 children in the Los Angeles foster care system.  Handmade ornaments with a child’s age and gift wish are hung on Sugarplum Christmas trees, hosted in various local businesses and corporations throughout the community. Employees, staff, (or even their family members!) select one or more of the “wish ornaments” and purchase the gift(s) for the children. Sandpipers coordinates the collection and delivery of these gifts, which are often the only present the children will receive for the holidays.


How are the children selected for receiving gifts?
The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) selects the children who receive toys through the Sugarplum Tree Program.  These children, who are currently in foster care, have been identified as being in the greatest need, and who, without the Sugarplum Tree Program, might not receive a gift during the holidays.

Why do some gift items seem generic?
The selections that seem “generic,” are often most fitting for a young child, who may not know – in specific terms – what they would like to receive, but would simply be delighted by receiving a toy this holiday season.  Additionally, by keeping some selections more generic, DCFS caseworkers avoid the potential problem of a specific toy not being available, and therefore, the child being disappointed. 

Why can’t the gifts be wrapped?
As a public agency, DCFS has the responsibility to ensure that the gifts that are given to the children are appropriate and safe.  Once this is established, many social workers will wrap gifts on their own before delivering them to the children.

How will the toy get to the child? 
Sandpipers Sugarplum Committee will deliver all the gifts to DCFS in plenty of time to get them to the children.  From there, DCFS has established a system which requires both the social worker and the child’s guardian to sign off confirming the child received the gift card. 

How can I participate in person if my company isn’t involved in the toy drive program? 
The Sugarplum Tree program is excited to partner with Sandpipers’ biggest winter fundraiser, the Annual Holiday Homes Tour, in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. Please bring an unwrapped toy between December 1-3, 2017, to the Sugarplum Tree at the Sandpipers Holiday Market at the Kiwanis Center in Hermosa Beach. Or choose one of the handmade ornaments off the Sugarplum Tree and shop at the Holiday Market, to fulfill the wish of a foster child this holiday season, and help make a difference in the lives of over 1,500 children in the L.A. County Foster System.