Board of Directors

Sandpipers 88th President
Natalie Radtke

Volunteerism has been a large part of my life growing up to the point that I had a 10-year career in non-profit volunteer management. In 2010, I joined Sandpipers with the intention of giving back to my own community and meeting some new friends. As an organization that is 100% volunteer-driven, I am continually impressed by the personal stories and the impact we have been able to make in the lives of the deserving families and individuals right here in the South Bay community. The culture is one that is positive, professional, compassionate, and fun. Through a myriad of backgrounds among the women of Sandpipers, we are able to capitalize on each person’s strengths, skills, and interests to propel the mission of Sandpipers and produce the maximum results for our community. It gives me great pride to be involved with an organization that has deep roots and traditions (being that we were founded in 1931!) that also evolves and grows with our changing membership needs. Since joining Sandpipers, I served as President-Elect, Membership VP, Planning & Placement VP, Philanthropy VP, Director of Community Service, Director of Publicity, Community Outreach Co-Chair, Sugarplum Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee, Sugarplum Committee, and Fundraising & Financial Committee. It’s truly an honor and privilege to serve as this year’s President, and I look forward to working alongside our members and Board this year!

Co-President Elect
Laurie Wisniewski

Over the past 10 years I have come to honor and respect all that Sandpipers has to offer not only in the community but to each other. I love to witness first-hand the love and dedication these like-minded women have for the cause and for each other. They rally around those in need and always look to help as you grow in the organization. As a stay-at-home mom to 6-year-old triplets, Sandpipers continues to be an escape for me to give back to the community and to have some much needed “Me time.” Cheers to a wonderful 2018-2019! Can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Co-President Elect
Ashley Goldsmith

I am looking forward to beginning my eighth year in Sandpipers. I moved to the South Bay in 2010 from the West LA. A dear friend of mine told me about Sandpipers and what an amazing organization it is. I joined Sandpipers because I wanted a deeper connection to our community, to help make a difference and meet new friends. Through my journey, I’ve made lifelong friends and have been inspired through these ladies that continue to be amazing. I feel so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group that gives back to our community, supporting numerous charities and raising funds for high school students and Holiday Baskets. Since joining Sandpipers in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Auction, Facilitator Committee, Holiday Home Tour Co-Chair, and Director of Fall Events for the 25th Annual Holiday Home Tour. In my role this year, I look forward to working with our leadership so that our members can have a fulfilling experience this year, identifying the future leaders of Sandpipers, and ensuring knowledge is shared for the success of our members and leaders in years to come.

Finance VP
Robin Kaminsky

I am so excited to serve on the Sandpipers Board again this year. I know I am blessed to have everything I truly need and much of what I want in life. It is important to me, both personally and as a role model to my teenage son and daughter, to give back to others. I love being a Sandpiper and having a place where I exist not as a mom, wife or business exec, but as an individual connecting with a dynamic and diverse group of giving women helping others. I am honored to be part of Sandpipers and inspired by the amazing women in this organization. As Sandpipers’ 2019-20 Finance VP, I look forward to supporting the entire organization in our commitment to helping those underserved and in need in our community. I am tremendously thankful to each and every Sandpiper for their commitment and especially my fellow Board members and the 5 Finance Committee Chairs. Susan, Kaylee, Jennifer, Nermine and Heather, thank you in advance for your time and work to make this another successful Sandpipers year.

Marketing VP
Kathy Clarke

I am so excited to be on Sandpipers Board of Directors this year. A few years ago, I was looking for opportunities to give back to the community and was introduced to Sandpipers through a friend. Since joining Sandpipers in 2014, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the most amazing women. This organization is truly a group of smart, dedicate and talented women who want to give back to those in need within our community. As Marketing VP, I am looking forward to using my advertising and publishing experience to promote Sandpipers. My past positions within Sandpipers have been Auction Co-Chair, Event Program Co-Chair and Assistant to Philanthropy – Holiday Baskets Co-Chair. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to build these strong bonds with lifelong friends all while doing good for those in need.

Membership VP
Jo-Ann Totzke

I am very excited to be Membership VP 2019-2020. When I joined Sandpipers in 2012 the year was such a blur. I had just moved to LA from Australia where I had been living as an expat for 5 years. I didn’t know anyone in LA. There was so much to learn and do in the organization and I met so many amazing women I knew I had made a great decision. I have been involved in many different positions in Sandpipers since then, Auction Co Chair twice, Social Chair, Director of Publicity, and Assistant to VP Philanthropy. In each position I have always enjoyed my interactions with each new Provisional Class that has come in over my years. To be Membership VP gives me the opportunity to work with the incoming Provisional Class and hopefully give them the same amazing experience I had in my first year. It will also give me the opportunity to meet even more members of Sandpipers who perhaps I have not worked on a committee with and meet some more of our wonderful Associates. I look forward to being an active member of the Board and meeting as many Sandpipers as I can this year.

Planning & Placement VP
Nikki Binford Marshall

As a native and life-long resident of the South Bay I always thought I had a good connection with my community, but after having two kids I discovered a desire to give back even more. I was unsure how my time could best be put to use, so I turned to a group that I knew had many long-standing local relationships and joined Sandpipers in 2011. What I discovered during my provisional year was much more than I expected – a group of inspiring and supportive women that have quickly become amazing friends!! Since joining Sandpipers, I have served on Auction committee, three years as a Holiday Homes Tour Facilitator, Director of Fall Events, a member of our Nomination and Leadership Development committee (NLD), Assistant to Membership VP, Director of Operations, and Secretary/Presidential Assistant. This year as Planning & Placement VP, I look forward to working with our membership to find their place and passion in our organization and encourage them to step up to future leadership roles.

Philanthropy VP
Joyce Chaput

I am absolutely thrilled to serve as VP of Philanthropy this year! I have a long history with Sandpipers as I was one of the scholarship recipients when I graduated high school. I spent many years outside of California for school, but when I moved back to the South Bay, I knew I wanted to give back to Sandpipers. I reached out and joined in 2011. I held a couple of different chair positions during my active years, including Holiday Homes Tour Facilitator, Asst to Finance VP, Asst to Philanthropy VP – Holiday Baskets and Special Events Chair. I have also served on the scholarship committee for the past couple of years. I changed to associate status last year, but missed being actively involved, so I decided to come back this year and even join the board for the first time! I am so excited for this role and am looking forward to a great year with an incredible organization and an amazing group of women!

Fundraising VP
Tracey Castle

It is my honor and privilege to serve as this year’s Fundraising VP. Sandpipers not only generously gives to our surrounding communities – having an incredible impact on individuals, families and supporting agencies that need us most — but Sandpipers has remarkably given back to me tenfold. This profound feeling that I personally derive from seeing the people that Sandpipers touch and witnessing the selfless and needed work of the agencies we support, is what drives me to do all that I can for Sandpipers. It is my goal and promise to lead our teams to successfully fundraise as much as possible — so that we can continue to do support our important work. Thank you for entrusting me with this significant role.

Sponsorship VP
Jill McCurry

I’m so excited to serve my first year on the Sandpipers Board of Directors as the VP of Sponsorships. After moving here from Atlanta, GA a few years ago, I was looking for a place to connect with other women. I wanted a place to meet new friends as well as serve my new community. Thankfully a new friend from my daughters school told me about Sandpipers. Little did I know that I would meet such kind, thoughtful and giving women as well as help others right where I live. Sandpipers impressed me right from the start because we are so organized and we have such a variety of community service opportunities that are very worthwhile. My favorite community service event is our Holiday Baskets program where we get to shop for another family for Christmas and bring them the gifts. Christmas is such a special holiday and it brings me great joy to share that with others who otherwise may not have. Since joining Sandpipers in 2016, I have served as a member of the Auction Committee, Auction Committee Co-Chair and Fashion Show Co-Chair. As VP of Sponsorships I’m so excited to be able to encourage our community business leaders to support Sandpipers. We live in such a giving and philanthropic area and it’s so wonderful to see the community come together to give to the programs that we support.

Secretary/Presidential Assistant
Mitsue Yokota

I am thrilled to return for a third year on the Board of Directors as the Secretary/Presidential Assistant. Since joining Sandpipers in 2014, I have served on the Auction Committee, supported the Philanthropy Committee as Assistant to the Philanthropy VP – Holiday Baskets, and served as the Director of Data Management for two years. Sandpipers has provided a great opportunity for me to give back to the South Bay community, the place I have called home since 2008. The organization has also given me a chance to work alongside some amazing and inspiring women. I look forward to another exciting year serving members of our great community.

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