Board of Directors

Sandpipers 87th Co-Presidents

Rose Ahrens

I am honored to be able to serve in this incredible organization that gives back so much to its membership and its community. When I joined the Sandpipers in 2009, I had no idea what an enormous impact the organization would have on my life. Serving on the Board of Directors as Director of Grants and Giving, Director of Operations, Philanthropy Vice President, Planning and Placement Vice President and Co-President-Elect, has afforded me incredible opportunities to grow in my leadership abilities alongside such accomplished women who I respect and admire. The Sandpipers organization has continued to thrive for the past 86 years due to the commitment of its membership and willingness of its leadership to reflect and evolve to meet the needs of its stakeholders. This is evident with the creation of the first ever Co-Presidents this year. I am grateful to continue my work with Sandpipers alongside the lifelong friends I have made. Together through friendship and philanthropy, we raise over $600,000 each year to give back to the South Bay Community. For this, I am proud beyond measure.

Ellor Parikh

I joined Sandpipers to serve my community and meet new people. Not only have I witnessed the positive impact that our organization has on the South Bay community, but much to my surprise, I have met so many amazing women whom I consider my closest friends.  This year, I am truly honored and proud to serve alongside Rose Ahrens, as Sandpipers’ 87th Co-President.

Since joining Sandpipers in 2004, I have served in various leadership positions on the Board such as Co-President-Elect, Membership VP, Director of Community Service, Director of Technology, and Director of Operations. Not only am I excited for the opportunity to work alongside so many diverse women who share the common desire and dedication to help those less fortunate, but also to work with our community partners and local businesses who support us with our mission. It has been a pleasure to watch this organization expand in new directions while still honoring the traditions that attracted many of us in the first place. It is my hope that we continue to grow our charitable and philanthropic programs, so we can do even more for our neighbors in need. I look forward to a wonderful year!

President- Elect

Natalie Radtke

Volunteerism has been a large part of my life growing up to the point that I had a 10-year career in non-profit volunteer management. In 2010, I joined Sandpipers with the intention of giving back to my own community and meeting some new friends. As an organization that is 100% volunteer-driven, I am continually impressed by the personal stories and the impact we have been able to make in the lives of the deserving families and individuals right here in the South Bay community. The culture is one that is positive, professional, compassionate, and fun. Through a myriad of backgrounds among the women of Sandpipers, we are able to capitalize on each person’s strengths, skills, and interests to propel the mission of Sandpipers and produce the maximum results for our community. 

Since joining Sandpipers, I served as the Membership VP, Planning & Placement VP, Philanthropy VP, Director of Community Service, Director of Publicity, Community Outreach Co-Chair, Sugarplum Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee, Sugarplum Committee, and Fundraising & Financial Committee. It’s truly an honor and privilege to serve as this year’s President-Elect, and I look forward to working alongside our members and Board this year!

Finance VP

Bridget Samuelson

I am very excited for my first year on the Sandpipers Board, as the VP of Finance!  By the time I joined Sandpipers in 2013, I had lived in the South Bay for a few years, but I was traveling for work extensively. I found that I was really missing the connection to my community and the ability to give back on a more regular basis. I was determined to find an organization that would allow me to give back despite a busy schedule – which is when I found Sandpipers.  Once I joined, I was impressed with the ease in finding community involvement – and I was also immediately impressed with my fellow Sandpipers – their passion, their abilities and their dedication to giving back! Since joining Sandpipers, I have served as Holiday Homes Tour Co-Chair, Assistant to Philanthropy – Grants (now Development), Webmaster, and served on the Auction committee.  I am really excited to participate in Sandpipers on the board from a finance position, and to continue my involvement in our community!

Marketing VP

Jessica Baker

Originally from the Bay Area, I moved to LA to attend USC in 1998 and never left! We moved to the South Bay in 2014 and after welcoming our second child that Spring, I found Sandpipers! Since joining in 2015, I’ve been lucky enough to serve on the Sugarplum committee, co-chair HHT Cafe, on the Board as Director of Public Relations and now this year, as VP of Marketing! I have loved every minute of being a Sandpiper – the philanthropy, volunteerism and friendships continue to amaze me. I’m proud to be a member and look forward to working with other leaders and seeing things from a new perspective this year. I look forward to seeing what 2018-2019 brings for Sandpipers – it just keeps getting better!

Membership VP

Laurie Wisniewski

This year I have the honor of being the VP of Membership. Over the past 9 years I have come to honor and respect all that Sandpipers has to offer not only in the community but to each other. I love to witness first-hand the love and dedication these like-minded women have for the cause and for each other. They rally around those in need and always look to help as you grow in the organization. This year will be a wonderful year because I have the privilege of guiding the newest members of our organization through their provisional year! A task I do not take lightly! I hope to teach them & learn from them and have so much fun along the way! The Provisional Class of 2018-2019 is full of talented women with wonderful attributes to offer our Organization!  They are stay-at-home moms, real estate agents, lawyers,  interior designers and much much more…As a stay-at-home mom myself to 6-year-old triplets, Sandpipers continues to be an escape for me to give back to the community and to have some much needed “Me time.” Cheers to a wonderful 2018-2019! Can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Planning & Placement VP

Ashley Goldsmith

I am looking forward to beginning my seventh year in Sandpipers as the Planning & Placement VP. I moved to the South Bay in 2010 from the West LA. A dear friend of mine told me about Sandpipers and what an amazing organization it is. I joined Sandpipers because I wanted a deeper connection to our community, to help make a difference and meet new friends. Through my journey, I’ve made lifelong friends and have been inspired through these ladies that continue to be amazing. I feel so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group that gives back to our community, supporting numerous charities and raising funds for high school students and Holiday Baskets.

Since joining Sandpipers in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Auction, Facilitator Committee, Holiday Home Tour Co-Chair, and Director of Fall Events for the 25th Annual Holiday Home Tour.

In my role this year, I look forward to working with our leadership so that our members can have a fulfilling experience this year, identifying the future leaders of Sandpipers, and ensuring knowledge is shared for the success of our members and leaders in years to come.

Philanthropy VP

Alexandra Randall

I am very excited to enter my seventh year as a Sandpiper, and forth year serving on the Board, as this years VP of Philanthropy. After moving from Chicago to Hermosa Beach in 2011, I was looking for a way give back to the community as well as grow my social network. Sandpipers has been a wonderful combination, fulfilling the desire for philanthropic work, as well as allowing me to meet some amazing women who have become my closest friends. Since joining Sandpipers in 2012, I have served as Director of Spring Events, Secretary, Director of Fall Events, Holiday Homes Facilitator, and Assistant to Philanthropy: Holiday Baskets, as well as serving on both Philanthropy and Events Programs committees. I am looking forward to another amazing year with this incredible organization!

Sponsorship VP

Tasha Gates

I have called the South Bay my home for over 25 years.  When I first moved here, I instantly felt at home and fell in love with this beautiful place.  Feeling a little self absorbed and unfulfilled in 2013, I felt compelled to do something meaningful.  So, I joined Sandpipers.  Not only has joining this organization helped me connect with my community, it has also given me a great sense of purpose.  The bonus has been the great friendships I have made with those I may not have otherwise met in my day-to-day grind.

During my five years with Sandpipers I have chaired several positions and served on the Board as Director of Fall Events.  This year, I am excited about my position as Sponsorships VP and looking forward to a fun year.  I am passionate about Sandpipers’ mission and want to help make giving back an integral part of the South Bay’s DNA.

Secretary/Presidential Assistant

Nikki Binford Marshall

As a native and life long resident of the South Bay I always thought I had a good connection with my community, but after having two kids I discovered a desire to give back even more.  I was unsure how my time could best be put to use, so I turned to a group that I knew had many long-standing local relationships and joined Sandpipers in 2011.  What I discovered during my provisional year was much more than I expected – a group of inspiring and supportive women that have quickly become amazing friends!! Since joining Sandpipers, I have served on Auction committee, three years as a Holiday Homes Tour Facilitator, Director of Fall Events, a member of our Nomination and Leadership Development committee (NLD), Assistant to Membership VP, and Director of Operations. This year as Secretary/Presidential Assistant, I look forward to working with our Co-Presidents, the Board, and the rest of our membership on another great year!

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