Our Directors

Director of Community Service

Drisa Carrizo communityservice@sandpipers.org

It’s an honor for me to be entering my fifth year as a Sandpiper serving on the Board as the Director of Community Service.  I have always loved donating my time and efforts to valuable causes and enjoy being part of something bigger than myself.  When I moved to the South Bay from Denver, I was looking for a way to give back to this great community while connecting with like-minded women.  Joining Sandpipers has been a life-changing experience and I am so proud of what we are able to accomplish.  As the Director or Community Service, I am  especially excited to connect the hard work we do within Sandpipers to the local organizations and families who are in need of support.


Director of Public Relations

Jessica Baker publicity@sandpipers.org

Originally from the Bay Area, I moved to LA to attend USC in 1998 and never left! We moved to the South Bay in 2014 and after welcoming our second child that Spring, I found Sandpipers! Since joining in 2015, I’ve been lucky enough to serve on the Sugarplum committee, co-chair HHT Cafe and now look forward to serving my first year on the Board as Director of Public Relations! I have loved every minute of being a Sandpiper – the philanthropy, volunteerism and friendships continue to amaze me. I’m proud to be a member and look forward to working with other leaders and seeing things from a new perspective this year. I look forward to seeing what 2017-2018 brings and plan to document most of that excitement on our social media pages!


Director of Operations

Nikki Binford Marshall operations@sandpipers.org

As a native and life long resident of the South Bay I always thought I had a good connection with my community, but after having two kids I discovered a desire to give back even more. I was unsure how my time could best be put to use, so I turned to a group that I knew had many long-standing local relationships and joined Sandpipers in 2011. What I discovered during my provisional year was much more than I expected – a group of inspiring and supportive women that have quickly become amazing friends!! Since joining Sandpipers, I have served on Auction committee, three years as a Holiday Homes Tour Facilitator, Director of Fall Events, a member of our Nomination and Leadership Development committee (NLD), and most recently as Assistant to Membership VP, working with the incoming Provisional Class of 2016. Working with the provisional class was a role I truly enjoyed since it gave me the opportunity to share my love of Sandpipers with new members, and watch as they develop the friendships and philanthropic interests that have kept me involved for six years. I look forward to my newest role as Director of Operations and the chance to make the upcoming year a memorable one for our members.

Director of Data Management

Mitsue Yokota digitalcheetah@sandpipers.org

I am thrilled to begin my first year on the Board as the Director of Data Management.  Since joining Sandpipers in 2014, I have served on the Auction Committee, supported the Philanthropy Committee as Assistant to the Philanthropy VP – Holiday Baskets,  and learned much about our membership empowerment system, Digital Cheetah, as the Assistant to the Director of Data Management. Sandpipers has provided a great opportunity for me to give back to the South Bay community, the place I have called home since 2008.  The organization has also given me a chance to work alongside some amazing and inspiring women.  I look forward to another exciting year serving members of our great community.


Director of Special Projects

Stephanie Uchima-Carney specialevents@sandpipers.org

Growing up in the South Bay, I have always wanted to be a part of helping the local community through philanthropy. After attending Home Tours and For Our Children, I knew that I needed to be a part of this incredible organization. I joined Sandpipers in 2011 and since then I have not only made life-long friends but also been able to contribute back to the South Bay community, including through my favorite event of the year: Kohl’s Back to School Shopping. After being on the Auction committee, chairing the Holiday Homes Tour, assisting the VP of Finance and sitting on the Board as the Director of Publicity, Secretary/Presidential Assistant and Marketing VP, I am excited to be Director of Special Projects this year helping grow and honor the 86 years of this wonderful organization. Being a part of Sandpipers is such a rewarding experience and I want the community to know just what an amazing organization this is! I am so honored to be among a group of dedicated and inspiring women and I am looking forward to another successful year!


Director of Fall Events

Ashley Goldsmith fallevents@sandpipers.org

I am looking forward to beginning my sixth year in Sandpipers as a new board member. I moved to the South Bay in 2010 from the West LA. A dear friend of mine told me about Sandpipers and what an amazing organization it is. I joined Sandpipers because I wanted a deeper connection to our community, to help make a difference and meet new friends. Through my journey, I’ve made lifelong friends and have been inspired through these ladies that continue to be amazing. I feel so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group that gives back to our community, supporting numerous charities and raising funds for high school students and Holiday Baskets. Since joining Sandpipers in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Auction, Facilitator Committee and Holiday Home Tour Co-Chair for three years. I am looking forward to my position this year as the Director of Fall Events, overseeing the 25th Annual Holiday Home Tour. I’ve participated in the home tour for four years and every year is different. Our tour keeps growing and I feel very blessed that I have been part of its success. I have a great team this year and I look forward to providing you another amazing year! Cheers to our Holiday Home Tour 25th Anniversary!


Director of Spring Events

Alexandra Randall springevents@sandpipers.org

I am very excited to enter my sixth year as a Sandpiper, and third year serving on the Board. As Director of Spring Events, I am looking forward to overseeing the Annual Fashion Show, our largest fundraising event. After moving from Chicago to Hermosa Beach in 2011, I was looking for a way give back to the community as well as grow my social network. Sandpipers has been a wonderful combination, fulfilling the desire for philanthropic work, as well as allowing me to meet some amazing women who have become close friends. Since joining Sandpipers in 2012, I have served as Secretary, Director of Fall Events, Holiday Homes Facilitator, and Assistant to Philanthropy: Holiday Baskets, as well as serving on both Philanthropy and Events Programs committees. I am looking forward to another amazing year with this incredible organization!