Non-Voting Advisory Board

Junior Past President / Nomination Leadership Development

Camille Soriano

I am so thrilled to come off my year as President and be able to sit back, observe and soak in all of the wonderful work and the volunteers of Sandpipers. I joined almost 10 years ago in 2009 and have experienced so many wonderful volunteer encounters and friendships. After moving to the South Bay in 2008 from Washington, DC, I searched for ways to become more involved in my community that would effect change and to build friendships in my new hometown. Sandpipers has become my family and has been such a perfect fit. I have served as a Holiday Homes Tour Facilitator, as Director of Fall Events, as Secretary, two years as Marketing & Sponsorships VP, as Membership VP and most recently as President.

This year, I look forward to my year as Junior Past President & Chair of the NLD Committee (Nomination and Leadership Development) to search for our future Board of Directors & NLD Committee. If you recognize a shining star, please feel free to reach out to me and call them to my attention! Or, if you are interested in serving on the Board, I would love to talk to you about your interests. Until then, I’ll see you at meetings observing quietly along with the NLD Committee. Please don’t hesitate to say to hello to us!

Senior Past President/ Scholarship

Lee-Meredith Howard

I am excited to serve this year as the Senior Past President of Sandpipers. I have been a member of Sandpipers since 2009 when I moved to the South Bay from my childhood home of Atlanta, Georgia.  At that time I was looking for a way to become involved in my community and to make new friends.  I found a perfect fit in Sandpipers, and I continue to be awed and inspired by the dynamic women that make up this amazing organization. Since joining Sandpipers, I have served as the Assistant to the Finance VP, Finance VP (two years), Philanthropy VP, Membership VP, President Elect, President and most recently as the Junior Past President.

I love Sandpipers and I am excited to work with such an amazing group of women to fulfill our mission of serving the needs of the South Bay community through charitable and philanthropic programs. It’s inspiring to know that 87 years later, we all are still volunteers, following in the traditions and history of the women that came before us.  I enjoy supporting our philanthropic efforts in the community by participating in Back to School Shopping, the Holiday Basket Program, Scholarship Program and Team Works…the list goes on and on!

Needless to say I LOVE the partnerships we have in the South Bay and the numerous opportunities we have to give back to our community.  I’m looking forward to an extraordinary year!

Steering Committee Chair

Leslie Moody

I have lived in the South Bay since 1992 and love the community that surrounds me. While we live in an affluent area, there are still many people in need who could use a hand up during difficult times. A hand up, not a handout, is exactly the service that Sandpipers provides. I joined Sandpipers in 2008 after learning about the organization from my mother-in-law, Donna Moody, a Sandpiper Associate. Through her everyday actions and interactions, she demonstrates what it means to be generous of heart and philanthropic of mind. Like her, I can strive to do the same, and this organization has provided me the perfect opportunity to volunteer in our community while meeting some amazing, like-minded women. This is my tenth year as a Sandpiper, and I am honored to serve as the Steering Committee Chair for the Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund.


Sandpipers of the Year

Diane Peterson

Each year Sandpipers nominates an Associate member in recognition of her contributions to Sandpipers above and beyond her active years of membership.  Diane Petersen is the recipient for 2018-2019 of the highest honor we confer, Sandpiper of the Year.