History of Sandpipers

A South Bay Community Service Organization

Throughout 1931, Mary Wilke Kellogg, Ann Cox, and Blanche Hazard considered the idea of organizing a group of young women to help the many people stricken by the Depression in the South Bay community.

In December, the seven founders met at Mrs. Cox’s home to choose a name for the group and to write the bylaws.  Then they invited 60 prospective members and explained their aims — and the South Bay community service organization known as Sandpipers was born.

More Than 88 Years of Community Service in South Bay

Strong, beautiful threads of commitment weave their way throughout our 85-year history of community service in South Beach, enabling us to keep alive the mission of our founding members. We are indebted to these seven remarkable women for the wonderful legacy they have given us.

MildredCowley       AnnCox       IreneDyson

BlanchHazard       MargaretKemp       AliceFoleyYarish

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